Class & 课程信息

General reminders when searching for classes

  • After searching for classes, click 查看所有部分 在结果页面.  The system only displays the first three sections unless the “view all sections” is selected.
  •   To search for web based (100% online) or web centric (up to 50% in a traditional classroom) classes:
    • Select the appropriate course career (澳门葡京游艺赌场生 or 本科)
    • Change the campus from Main Campus to Distance Learning
    • Click the “搜索” button at the bottom of the page


General reminders when browsing the course catalog

  • The course attribute field can be used to search for Web Based courses and BG Perspective (通识教育) courses.
  • Clicking on the Course Title will provide you with the course description, 单位数量, and enrollment information.
  • Navigate to the individual class sections by clicking on the “View Class Sections” button.

Browsing Course Catalog

For assistance in using the 搜寻课程 or Browsing the Course Catalog, please select the Self Help Link for an overview of these features.  Additional assistance can be provided by contacting the Office of 登记 and 记录 by calling 419-372-8441 or sending an email to

Last Updated: 2/6/2020

Updated: 02/06/2020 01:36PM